You may ask yourself, “How do I work this?”

Dando un’occhiata a un’intervista a Sufjan Stevens ho trovato questa riflessione sui Talking Heads, illuminante per capire come sia cresciuta, nel tempo, l’influenza del gruppo fondato da David Byrne. Una riflessione che è anche una lode:


David Byrne is the foundation on which a lot of us are building our careers because Talking Heads were all about content but without explanation or justification. There’s obviously meaning in a lot of Talking Heads songs, but he wasn’t holding himself accountable, and he let the music, beats, body, and dance explain the songs for him. I think a lot of music– including my show– is based on that now.


E allora, già che ci siamo, beccatevi un grande classico. E siate contenti.


Talking Heads – Once in a lifetime


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